Hello District 25 Voter
My name is Cleo.  I am 92 years old and I was born in rural Georgia to a very poor family. I picked cotton and chopped wood to heat water for cooking and bathing as a young adult. My mother died in childbirth, so I was raised by a Grandmother who was a slave. The picture on this letter is me at 27, NOT 92-because I don’t want anyone to see my wrinkles.  But it is a good reminder of what I’ve learned from my daughter Yvonne, who needs your vote to be Representative for District 25, about the changes in my lifetime.
My grandmother said knowledge was hidden from black people by denying us an education. I’ve learned from my daughter that people in power are still hiding knowledge from us today.

As a young student, I read in hand me down books from white children that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican,  freed the slaves.  But not until recently did I learn about South Carolinian Joseph Hayne Rainey from my daughter. He helped  found the South Carolina Republican Party and won a seat in our state Senate in 1868.  He then became our country’s first black elected Representative!!  In fact, the first 23 black Congressman were ALL Republicans. 

I don’t know what happened to stop black American progress after slavery.
History books tell us that Democrats formed the KKK to stop us from voting!!!
And that they fought Reconstruction which Republicans created to help former slaves get on their feet. But I proudly voted for the first time  in 1959 for Democrat John F. Kennedy. He seemed very different from the Democrats that formed the KKK and stopped Reconstruction.
Today the Democrats in Washington DC and many states are doing a lot I don’t agree with----
It is wrong to let people break the law to come into our country, and to give them free phones housing and medical care-things we all have to pay for.
It is wrong to force young school children to learn about sex between two men or two women
It is wrong to confuse kids by asking them if they are sure they are a boy or girl. 
And when my grandkids told me they were getting more money from the government by staying at home than they did if they went back to work, I just shook my head.  When my friends that still live in dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago said they felt unsafe because of the Defund the Police movement, I was so grateful I now live in South Carolina.

I asked my daughter who was responsible for these problems. She explained it is  today’s
Democrats who believe that these things are right.  I shook my head again because these are not the  Kennedy Democrats I voted for in 1960!

So please District 25 voter, when you vote, make sure you have the information that black and white Americans fought and died for you to have and that people today are trying to hide. As the Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

Yvonne4SCHouse25.com         Email: yvonne4schouse25@pm.me
Phone: 864-533-3303
Thank you!
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