Yvonne Julian for SC House District 25

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About Yvonne
Yvonne was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in Chicago's inner-city -South Side housing project Robert Taylor Homes. She comes from a family of five siblings raised by a single mother with an amazing work ethic and love for education. Yvonne is a product of her mother and wonderful teachers, mentors, and friends who all advocated Black Success.
She graduated from The Illinois Institute of Technology (BA Chemistry, Honors) and Golden Gate University -San Francisco (MBA Operations Management.
Yvonne retired from The Dow Chemical Company after 35 years of work in research and marketing and moved from California to Greenville. Her family followed suit and moved from Chicago.  They were all escaping what Chicago and California have become.

She developed an interest in Constitutional Conservative Republican politics after seeing firsthand what globalization, unchecked immigration, and weaponizing of race and social programs to grow government has done to working and middle-class Americans.  


Yvonne loves problem-solving and helping people CHOOSE TO SUCCEED and make informed decisions - She wants to be your next House Representative, and bring TRUTH, CHOICE, and PROGRESS TO District 25.
Why I want to be your District 25 Representative
Like much of South Carolina, our District has jobs to offer and new taxpaying residents. Every newly occupied home means additional property, sales, and income tax revenue.  But we are suffering from the highest inflation since 1981 (data as of May 2022) and D25 voters urgently need immediate economic relief.  If elected, my first task would be to ask fellow legislators to work with me to return some of the tax windfalls in the form of property and sales tax cuts for South Carolinians.

If you look at a red-yellow-green crime map of our District, it looks like a patchwork quilt. There are very safe areas and very high crime neighborhoods.  I do not believe that your safety should depend on the value of your home.  I support all law enforcement and would ask that you make maintaining or improving safety part of my report card for every neighborhood from Tanglewood to Reedy Fork.

There are D25 residents who work one, two, or sometimes even three jobs but still struggle to make ends meet.  They may at the same time care for children, grandchildren elderly parents, and other loved ones.  People with extraordinary work ethics and a sense of responsibility are one of our most valuable resources.  I have ideas for partnerships between businesses and the government to increase their incomes and also give others an incentive to remain in the workforce. We need new solutions to make real permanent progress in the problems of persistent poverty and labor shortages, and declining living standards for the working and middle class.

Do self-serving career politicians call it “just politics” so we won’t pay attention?  To ignore politics today means ignoring what influences every aspect of your life-work, school, travel, health care, grocery shopping, housing, etc. because the government has gotten too big.  Good legislators need help, and Citizen Statesmen-and women, who are not burdened by the baggage of political favoritism -can help them.  I want to join my voice with that of Legislators speaking truth, fighting for citizens, and following our Creed.

To fight for the progress of smart growth in our district.  Smart growth does NOT mean using more and more land for new urban/suburban living but keeping some for rural lifestyles, outdoor recreation, and growing food for people and livestock.

As one who has always worked in the private sector, or with well-run not-for-profits where accountability, results, and transparency were required, I am well equipped to carry out these actions and with your help make District 25 a place we are all proud to call home. 
Letter from Yvonne's Mother to Voters
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